News Posted on 16/06/2021

The first WP of 2Zero is out !

Today the European Commission published the first Work Programme of Horizon Europe, the new framework programme for research and innovation (2021-2027).

The topics published as part of the first Work Programme will help accelerate the green and digital transitions and will contribute to sustainable recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and to EU resilience against future crises. They will support European researchers through fellowships, training and exchanges, build more connected and efficient European innovation ecosystems and create world-class research infrastructures.

In total, around €5.8 billion will be invested in research and innovation to support the European Green Deal and the Union’s commitment to make the EU the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

€ 197 million will be allocated to the topics published under the 2Zero partnership to cover every aspect of the 4 pillars.

In 2021, the focus will be put on:

  • Innovative EV architectures for zero-emissions trucks for regional freight haulage
  • Integration of advanced power electronics and associated controls
  • LCA and design for sustainable circularity – holistic approach for zero-emission mobility solutions and related battery value chain

In the 2022 calls, the 2Zero partnership will address the following priorities:

  • Modular multi-powertrain zero-emission systems for HDV (BEV and FCEV) for efficient and economic operation
  • High efficiency and low-cost electric motors for circularity and low use of rare resources
  • System approach for advanced static Smart Charging: integration of EV with the infrastructure and the grid
  • New generation of full-electric urban and peri-urban buses (e-BRT) to strengthen climate-friendly mass transport


The official publication date of the 2Zero 2021 topics is scheduled for 24th June 2021, with a deadline of 14th  September 2021.

The 2022 topics will open on 2nd December. Stay tuned!

Download the Work Programme.

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