The 2Zero partnership is established based on Article 10 of the Horizon Europe regulation.
The Memorandum of Understanding signed between the European Commission and the EGVIAfor2Zero association defines the practices driving the initiative’s work.

The internal governance of the association is following the rules defined in its Statutes.


General Assembly

Gathering all EGVIAfor2Zero members, the General Assembly is the supreme body of the Association. Its role is to approve the general policy based on proposals from the Executive Board and give recommendations for its implementation. The General Assembly meets at least once a year.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible legally for the Association. It defines the strategy of the Association and is accountable in front of the General Assembly.

It manages the Association’s work and is responsible for its financial management, achieving its objectives, and its representation towards third parties.

The Executive Board is composed as follows:

Stephan Neugebauer portrait

Stephan Neugebauer (BMW Group)


Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni (Valeo)

Vice-Chairman, from the automotive industry


Wolfgang Dettmann (Infineon)

Vice-Chairman, from the smart systems industry


Horst Pfluegl - AVL List

Horst Pfluegl (AVL List)

Secretary General

Thilo Bein (Fraunhofer)

Vice-Chairman, from the research members

Uros Salobir photo portrait

Uros Salobir (ELES)

Vice-Chairman, from the smart grids industry

Andrea Condotta photo portrait

Andrea Condotta (GRUBER Logistics)

Vice-Chairman, from the Logistics companies and freight transport users

Lucie Beaumel




The Delegation to the Partnership Board is composed of a maximum of 26 members elected by the General Assembly to represent the association in the Partnership Board of the 2Zero partnership. They are elected for a 2 years mandate, which can be renewed.

The Delegation to the Partnership Board is chaired by EGVIAfor2Zero Chairman and is reporting on its activities to the General Assembly regularly.



Members of the Executive Board
(BMW Group, Valeo, AVL List, Infineon, Fraunhofer, ELES, GRUBER Logistics)


11 Delegates from the automotive industry
(Continental, Bosch, FEV, Ford, IDIADA, IFPEN, Iveco, Piaggio, Ricardo, Volkswagen, Volvo Group)


1 Delegate from the smart systems industry 
(ELAPHE-EV, 1 additional delegate to be elected)


1 Delegate from the smart grids industry
(Iberdrola, 1 other delegate to be nominated)


2 Delegates from the Logistics companies and freight transport users
(to be elected)


4 Delegates from the research members
(Fraunhofer, ICCS, IKA-RWTH, TUE)


the ETPs secretariats


Partnership Board

The Partnership Board is the governing body of the 2Zero partnership.

It is the primary mechanism for dialogue between the two sides of the partnership.
Within this body, both sides exchange on the recommendations and priorities to be included in the Work Programme of the Towards zero emission road transport partnership.

EGVIAfor2Zero is represented via the Delegation to the Partnership Board while the European Commission is involved via different services active in the partnership (DG RTD, DG MOVE, DG ENER, DG CLIMA). All members engaged in the Partnership Board commit to providing advice in their relevant fields of expertise to the best of their ability and in the best interest of the EU research.

A State Representative Group (SRG) will be created, gathering representatives of the EU Member States and countries associated to Horizon Europe. This informal body will facilitate the exchange of information between the partnership level and activities performed at the national and/or regional level and will reinforce the alignment of ongoing activities, therefore contributing to reaching the objectives of the partnership.

2Zero Graph: 2Zero Governing Bodies