The Towards zero emission road transport (2Zero) is a co-programmed Partnership funded under the Horizon Europe programme and aiming at accelerating the transition towards zero tailpipe emission road mobility across Europe.

Formally launched on 23rd June 2021, the 2Zero partnership builds upon the successes of the European Green Cars Initiative (EGCI: 2009-2013) and the European Green Vehicles Initiative (EGVI: 2014-2020). EGCI was created in an ad-hoc manner in the 7th Framework Programme in response to the global economic crisis of 2008 and led to the joint funding of 113 collaborative research projects. Bringing together stakeholders from three different European Technology Platforms (ERTRAC, EPoSS and Smart Grids), the European Green Vehicles Initiative contributed to improving the energy efficiency of alternative powertrains in road transport.
The 2Zero partnership will implement an integrated system approach covering Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV). With the support of five Technology Platforms (ERTRAC, EPoSS, ETIP-SNET, ALICE and Batteries Europe), it will continue investigating new vehicles technologies and will extend its scope to cover the integration of the zero tailpipe emission vehicles in their eco-system contributing to boost the EU competitiveness and technological leadership.

Fleet at the station


The 2Zero partnership covers all types of vehicles, from passenger cars, trucks and buses to two-wheelers and new vehicles concepts. Its activities are organised around four strongly interconnected pillars:

  • Vehicle technologies and vehicle propulsion solutions for BEV and FCEV
  • The integration of BEV into the energy system and related charging infrastructure
  • Innovative concepts, solutions and services for the zero tailpipe
  • LCA and circular economy approaches for sustainable and innovative road mobility solutions

Although the scope of the 2Zero partnership is extended from a vehicle perspective to a system approach, the working methods and mindset developed are similar and based on the previously successful experiences of EGCI and EGVI.


The 2Zero partnership promotes and facilitates pre-competitive research and innovation on road transport mobility within the European Research Area. By identifying the research needs to achieve the targets set in European transport, energy and environmental policies, the 2Zero partnership contributes to draft the path towards a climate-neutral European road transport system and will contribute to the acceleration of the necessary transition.

The 2Zero partnership is perfectly in line with the Green Deal, aimed at transforming the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy, and with the related ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, defining an Action Plan of initiatives that will guide the European Commission work for the upcoming four years.

Beyond the objective of zero tailpipe emission in road transport, the 2Zero partnership is also supporting economic growth and job creation, the increase of EU competitiveness and will strengthen the technology leadership of the EU in road transport-related aspects.