News Posted on 26/03/2014

GO4SEM project launched in September 2013


This two-year project started on September 2013. It involves partners from Belgium, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Spain and Romania. And include European associations, industrial and academic partners. This project is funded by the European Commission (DG CONNECT – Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology). Interested European SME or SME clusters willing to become part of the e-mobility SME community are welcome to register for the newsletter on the project website. There are also possibilities to join the project as an associated member.

GO4SEM aims to support the European small and medium enterprises in assessing emerging global markets by creating a framework that informs and advices on the business opportunities and market requirements for selected countries in Asia and America. The European automotive industry is of strategic value for the European economy. The European automotive industry represents around 12 million direct and indirect jobs, and delivers a sizeable positive contribution to the EU trade balance (€ 90 million in 2011). However, Europe may lose its leading and pioneering position in the global and automotive industry, especially with respect to advanced e-mobility. The BRIC countries global market share is set to rise over 40% by 2016, and China became the world’s largest carmaker in 2009 with production hitting 13.79 million units. It is foreseen that China will export at least a million of cars by 2017; in addition Brazil and India are supposed to hit this number somewhere between 2017 and 2022.

The main goal of the new EU coordination Action Global Opportunities for small/medium enterprises (SMEs) in electro-mobility (GO4SEM) is two folded: on the one hand it aims to support the European SMEs for their entry in global emerging e-mobility markets with a focus on Brazil, India and China. On the other hand it also assesses the business opportunities in more mature markets, with a known or renewed interest in e-mobility, such as Japan, South Korea and the USA. The objective is to spreading awareness of global market trends and opportunities and at triggering the creation of dedicated professional networks in the field of electric mobility. Moreover, policy advice, e.g. on standardization or education, will be given. The project will identify specific product-, service- and technology-needs of emerging e-mobility supply chains. As a result a set of guidelines and recommendations will be developed, targeting feasible business models for European SMEs aiming to enter the aforementioned value chains on a global platform. Project activities will also support the continuation of the European Green Vehicles Initiative under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

You may consult the project page on this website: