European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovations in Freight Logistics

  • Framework: FP7
  • Type: CSA
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Category: Freight / logistics / co-modality
  • End Date: 31/03/2015
  • Website:

European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovation in Freight Logistics, WINN, is a step forward to increase collaboration and consensus building of the different stakeholders dealing with sustainability in the freight transport logistics and intermodality

Sustainability is a major challenge for the sector. New policies, regulatory measures and financial mechanisms will be required to ensure the implementation of new technologies and business processes that enable the European sector to reach sustainability and competitiveness targets.

WINN project will establish a broad collaboration framework built upon main stakeholders operating at European level (CO-Tree, EIRAC heritage) and national triple helix networks that include public bodies, companies, and excellence research centres in logistics operating in different countries in Europe.

WINN will focus on sustainability, efficiency, and competitiveness of intermodal freight transport allowing economic growth. Some key approaches to reach these goals are:

  1. Reducing the indicator (Ton*Km) of the goods physically transported for a given economic growth, for example optimizing the complete supply chains (engineering, manufacturing and distribution processes).
  2. Modal shift solutions to “greener” modes (rail, maritime and inland waterways) and choosing the most sustainable combination of transport modes for long distance transport including optimised freight corridors.
  3. Increasing load factors and choosing the most efficient routes avoiding congestion through collaboration.
  4. Applying a seamless logistics chain that operates without failures, breaches, and redundant operations, minimizing the operations required, leveraging information flows to reduce failures and bureaucracy.
  5. Efficient interfaces in the transport system and innovative information and communication services for the optimised use of co-modal freight transport management making co-modal transport operation as easy as door to door trucking.

Strategic objective of WINN:

  • Build a collaboration framework between already established networks in freight logistics operating in different areas and in different geographical levels.

Operational objectives of WINN:

  • Develop a supporting framework for innovation implementation in sustainable freight logistics at European and National levels.
  • Establish joint network assessment of policies, regulatory measures, financial mechanisms and socioeconomic aspects to broaden logistics market and benefit innovation penetration.
  • Disseminate and exploitation support for project results and outcomes.