Engine Waste Heat Recovery and Re-Use

  • Framework: FP7
  • Type: STREP
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Category: Optimisation and Energy Efficiency
  • End Date: 31/03/2015
  • Vehicles: Passenger cars and Trucks
  • Website:

The re-use of the waste heat (60% of the combustion energy) could allow to increase in overall vehicle energy of up to the 15%, this benefit could be higher in case of hybrid powertrain where generated electric energy could be used when more convenient.

NoWaste aims to demonstrate the feasibility of such a system based on thermodynamic cycle (e.g. Rankine).

The Project key points are:

  • definition of a reference mission
  • selection of the most appropriate architecture
  • heat rejection system minimizing the cooling drag and the impact on the front-end
  • heat exchangers development to maximize the heat recuperation efficiency
  • integration with the exhaust system
  • validation of the developed system at first on a test rig and then on vehicle demonstrator based on a hybrid powertrain
  • system benefit evaluation to various heavy duty powertrains thanks to a model approach

Target Performance:

  • Fuel Economy: > -12%
  • Cost (for the OEM): < 4500 Euro/system
  • Weight: < 150 kg