Future on-/off-road transport and mobility research, cross-border cooperation strategies, realization actions and procurement processes

  • Framework: Horizon 2020
  • Type: CSA
  • Status: Ongoing
  • End Date: 31/03/2023
  • Vehicles: Passenger cars, Trucks, Two wheelers, Buses, Delivery vans, and New light vehicles

FUTURE-HORIZON will, with various actions clustered in five WPs, support ERTRAC, future Horizon Europe partnerships and the European Commission in identifying future research needs for upcoming R&I programmes to further facilitate a sustainable and efficient road transport system in Europe, while also extensively fostering international cooperation.
By doing an elaborate analysis of the first Horizon Europe calls and matching these topics with the ERTRAC roadmaps in WP1 future research priorities and current research gaps will be identified. The regular update of ERTRAC roadmaps in the case of need is a continuous task that will also be done within WP1. A link to the predecessor project FUTURE-RADAR will be established, deepening further the understanding of the European research landscape, linking the findings to roadmaps, partnerships, projects, literature and patents.
The purpose of WP2 will be the exploration of opportunities for complementing the strategic planning of the well-established RTR ecosystem in Europe by analyses, benchmark and collaboration with other relevant world regions, focusing predominantly on North and South America, Asia and Africa. First RTR strategies in established markets will be mapped and then compared to European RTR strategies. From these findings targets, programmes and achievements will be derived to complement the ERTRAC roadmaps, creating an international perspective for them.
In WP3 the focus will mainly lie on emerging economies. The implementation actions will provide platforms to develop capacities and capabilities to develop, implement and operate innovative sustainable mobility solutions. Partnerships among transport stakeholders across partner and European countries will be fostered and a catalogue of implementation concepts for sustainable mobility will be developed and fed back to ERTRAC.
Dissemination, focusing on ERTRAC visibility and publications, will be done in WP4. Project coordination will be done in WP5.