Multifuel Range Extender with High Efficiency and Ultra-Low Emissions

  • Framework: FP7
  • Type: STREP
  • Status: Completed
  • Category: Electrification (FEV/PHEV)
  • End Date: 31/12/2012
  • Vehicles: Passenger cars
  • Website: http://www.fuerex.eu/

Worldwide, there is a strong trend towards highly efficient, low (preferably zero) emission vehicles, i.e. electrical vehicles. In order to facilitate the transition from conventional fuel-driven vehicles towards electrically driven vehicles, there is a short(er) term need for advanced plug-in hybrids and electrical vehicles with range extenders. For this purpose, highly efficient, compact, clean and low cost engines are required. Such engines are to provide battery charging over longer trips and/or in areas where electric recharge infrastructure is not (yet) available. Moreover, these engines should be able to significantly improve over future Euro 6 standards for noxious emissions. FUEREX covers all of the above mentioned aspects with the focus on the application in battery electric vehicles with range extenders capable of using regular fuels as well as bio fuels.