News Posted on 26/04/2016

TRA 2016 – Invited session on Impact assessment and success stories from Green Cars Initiative

Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni, EGVIA Vice Chairman from the automotive industry, presented the main findings of the impact assessment, highlighting contributions of EGCI to the advancement in the state of the art, financial impacts and impacts on collaborative research as well as jobs and skills.

Frédéric Sgarbi (European Commission) stressed the added value of this new instrument, which ensured a strong involvement from industry members and is easy to use from both perspectives (public & private). He also highlighted the exponential increase of electrified vehicles on the market, testifying the success of this collaboration.

Five success stories funded by the EGCI have been presented to the audience:

  • LORRY project (Benoît Duez, GoodYear) on reduction of rolling resistance
  • CORE project (Johan Engström, Volvo) aiming at reducing fuel consumption of Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • SEAM Cluster (Thilo Bein, Fraunhofer LBF) offering the opportunity to projects to exchange information and cretae synergies in the area of lightweight materials
  • EUNICE project (Alberto Pena, Tecnalia) investigating motor in Wheel concept for B-class segment vehicles
  • OpEneR project (Kosmas Knoedler, Bosch) developing an overall energy management system for EV.

The presentation are available for download (see below).

Details on the impact assessment report can be found here.