News Posted on 11/10/2021

The Fast charge paper of the IWG7 is now out

EGVIA took an active role in the activities of the Implementation Working Group 7 of the SET-Plan, coordinated under the framework of the ETIP Batteries Europe.

As part of this activity, a group of experts has prepared a paper dedicated to “Fast charging” for mobile applications. This paper aims at defining fast charging and its requirements, identifying relevant research and innovation (R&I) targets/areas as well as the associated challenges related to fast charging faced by the battery R&I community, that need to be addressed to develop and support a competitive battery value chain in Europe. While road transport will be an important application area, other transport modes are also covered by the paper.

Fast charging will be an important enabler for the transition to e-mobility, increasing the acceptance from end-users and offering valuable solutions for longer trips, or specific applications.

This paper aims at setting up the overall framework and identifying the first steps – a lot will still need to be done and will be covered in the future activities of the 2Zero partnership. Stay tuned!