News Posted on 29/06/2021

#RiDays2021 – Clean Transport Workshop

Last week during the RiDays 2021, three road transport-related partnerships got together to discuss the challenges related to “clean transport” and provided the audience with inspiring talks. Edel Sheridan, representing the Batteries partnership, and Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, representing the Clean Hydrogen partnership, met with our chairman, Stephan Neugebauer for a 45 minutes session to present the different partnerships, their objectives and the contribution they can bring to the future of road transport in Europe.

Stephan Neugebauer highlighted the bottlenecks to be overcome to increase user acceptance:

  • Affordability of vehicles
  • Increased range for a better user experience
  • Large deployment of public and private infrastructure

He also stressed one of the main delivery from the 2Zero partnership: the alignment of all stakeholders towards a pre-competitive research programme to make the transition towards a zero tailpipe emission road transport system a success for all the European citizens.

(Re-) watch the replay: