News Posted on 08/06/2021

Get Lunch with 2Zero Pillar 2: Key Challenges and Solutions

More than 70 people participated in the 2nd “Get Lunch with 2Zero” which took place today (June 8, 2021) –  “The integration of BEV into the energy system and related charging infrastructure”

Venizelos Efthymiou, one of the co-leader of Pillar 2, presented the key challenges the Pillar will address and activities for:
– Upcoming charging solutions
– New technological developments such as smart charging and V2G solutions
– New digital solutions to improve user experience
– Ensuring power quality

To succeed, the Pillar needs:
• to put the end-user in the centre of the system approach.
• to make sure the solutions are interoperable and seamless charging solutions are available throughout EU.
• to develop the system to make it smarter, more responsive and adaptable to the user’s needs.

The partnership will not develop the infrastructure itself, nor the legislative framework; however, it will contribute to develop innovative solutions and technologies to achieve interoperability and improve user friendliness to overcome the reluctances towards BEV uptake.

Access here the presentation and catch up on the replay.