News Posted on 12/07/2023

ERTRAC celebrated its 20 years!

ERTRAC marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over two days, esteemed participants, speakers, and members of the road transport research community were brought together in Brussels for enlightening discussions about innovation for mobility.

The festive atmosphere on the 5th July in the evening was the perfect opportunity to express the road transport community deepest appreciation of the work of our Secretary General, Josef Affenzeller, who is retiring from EU-research activities, for his invaluable contribution and unwavering commitment over the last 20 years.

ERTRAC also gave a farewell to Professor Zissis Samaras, its Vice-Chairman. Professor Samaras recognised scientific expertise, dedication, and passion for research have made a lasting impact on ERTRAC and 2Zero activities.

ERTRAC Conference 2023 - Reception

During the ERTRAC conference on the 6th July, the platform discussed achievements and collaborative spirit driving the work of some of the main innovation areas in road transport

  • Energy & Environment session
  • Urban Mobility session
  • Road Safety session
  • Connectivity and Automation
  • Circularity and Competitiveness

One of the noteworthy highlights of the conference was the first panel dedicated to “Energy and Environment”, where the central focus revolved around electrification of road transport, the heart of the 2Zero partnership! Uros Salobir, our Vice-Chairman representing the smart grids industries, had the opportunity to underline the opportunities e-mobility holds, particularly in terms of integrating renewable energy sources.

ERTRAC Conference 2023 - Panel Energy and Environment

The 2Zero partnership will continue to support ERTRAC in achieving the ambition of decarbonisation of road transport, promoting innovative solutions and knowledge sharing to address pressing societal needs.