News Posted on 13/11/2019

#Energy4Transport Workshop – The summary report is out!

On 21st October, we organised our #Energy4Transport workshop to discuss the technology mix needed to achieve zero net carbon energy carriers in road transport by 2050.
Our distinguished speakers and participants to both the “Renewable fuels” and “Electrification” panels put forward their views on the challenges the sector is facing and on opportunities awaiting us.

There will be no silver bullet allowing us to overcome all the issues we are facing in road transport. But one thing is sure:  it is vital to remain technologically neutral in order to provide the best mix of existing and future solutions, fulfilling users’ expectations and improving the overall system efficiency.


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We would like to thank again all our speakers for their time and for sharing their views and experiences and participants for joining us and making the workshop such a success!

Energy4Transport Workshop Speakers Portraits Gallery