News Posted on 01/12/2021

6 New Roadmaps from Batteries Europe

Batteries Europe is publishing 6 new roadmaps.

Batteries Europe, the European Platform for Research and Innovation dedicated to batteries, just released six technology roadmaps covering the whole value chain as well as a “reporting methodologies for continuous benchmarking of battery chemistry” joint document.

The 6 roadmaps cover:

  • New and emerging technologies
  • Raw materials and recycling
  • Advanced materials
  • Cell design and manufacturing
  • Application and integration: mobile
  • Application and integration: stationary

EGVIAfor2Zero actively contributed to the roadmap on mobile applications, by providing key contributions on the road transport chapter and liaising with the other applications covered by the document: airborne, waterborne, rail and non-road mobile machinery.

You can download all documents related to Batteries Europe on their website. Have a look now to have a global picture of the batteries state of the art.