Project Event 25/09/2019Graz

UPGRADE and DIEPER – Joint final event

Dieper and Upgrade consortia, are organising a combined final event on Wednesday 25 September 2019 in Graz, Austria.

What you can expect:

  • Demonstration of Developed dieper and upgrade Vehicles; talk to the engineers, sit next to them during a test drive
  • Learn more about New fuel-efficient engine combustion concepts considering options such as Variable Compression Ratio (VCR), reduction of heat losses by thermo-swing wall heat insulation of the combustion chamber and associated thermal management strategies, advanced charging and EGR strategies.
  • Find out about Emission reduction focusing on an improvement of the particles filtration efficiency including nanoparticles >10 nm at low pressure drop (< 100 mbar).
  • Keynote speakers from COM, Paregen and DownToTen projects

For the agenda click here; lunch will be included. The conference is free of charge.

The registration is possible online.