08/12/2014European Economic and Social Committee - Brussels

TRANSFORuM Conference

Since early 2013, the FP7 project TRANSFORuM has been developing “stakeholder driven” roadmaps towards the implementation of the European Commission’s White Paper on Transport. Four goals mentioned in this strategic document are TRANSFORuM’s particular focus:

  • Clean urban mobility (phasing out conventionally fuelled cars; essentially CO2-free city logistics)
  • Long-distance freight (shifting 50% of road freight over 300 km to rail and waterborne transport)
  • High-speed rail (a majority of medium-distance passengers will use rail, rather than cars or planes)
  • Defining the framework for a multimodal transport information, management and payment system

The final results will be released at the TRANSFORuM conference in Brussels on 8 December 2014. The event agenda is available at http://www.transforum-project.eu/events/dec-8th-2014-brussels.html. Attendance is free but requires a quick registration at http://www.transforum-project.eu/?id=135.

TRANSFORuM conducted online and paper surveys, engaged practitioners in social media discussions, interviewed almost 40 experts and – most importantly – discussed key issues with around 150 stakeholders in various workshops all across Europe to ensure we capture the whole breadth of stakeholders’ views on the future of transport.

The conclusions are of highest relevance for all players in the European transport arena, including policy makers, businesses, service providers, operators etc. They are also extremely important as input for the forthcoming review of the Transport White Paper.

Come and join us. Create the future!

The event is co-organised by the European Economic and Social Committee and will take place at its premises (Rue Belliard, 99. B-1040 BRUSSELS).

More information: www.transforum-project.eu