External Event 03/02/2014Brussels, Belgium

Smart Systems Strategy Dialogue and Brokerage Event for EPoSS in the JTI ECSEL

The programme of the EPoSS event is dedicated to continuing the on-going discussion on the Smart Systems Integration part of the Research and Innovation Strategy of the JTI ECSEL (which will be documented in the Multi-Annual Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, MASRIA). The current status of the Smart Systems Integration call topics in ECSEL (Research and Innovation Plan on Smart Systems Integration, RIAP) and its complementarity to the work programmes in Horizon 2020 (LEIT and PPP) will be discussed in order to contrast the various options. In a short brokerage session participants have the opportunity to present first ideas for projects, and provide their feedback on the current outline of the EPoSS RIAP. Further possibility for networking will be given in a poster session.  Networking, consortium building, brokerage and strategic discussions can then be continued during a reception that concludes the evening.

Participants are invited to present one slide on project ideas in the brokerage session, and to display and present a poster in the poster session.  Participation is free of charge. However, registration is mandatory before 29th January 2014. Further details can be found here: http://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public/news-events/events/strategy-dialogue-and-brokerage-event-for-eposs-in-the-jti-ecsel.

More information: http://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public/news-events/events/strategy-dialogue-and-brokerage-event-for-eposs-in-the-jti-ecsel