Project Event 12/10/2017Ehningen

NeMo Stakeholder Forum Conference

The first NeMo Stakeholder Conference will take place 12 October 2017 at IBM premises in Ehningen near Stuttgart.

NeMo invites experts and stakeholders in the area of Electromobility to learn more about the developments in the first year of this 3-year project, and specifically the:
• Steps taken in building an Electromobility Hyper-Network with the basic aim to increase interoperability of services for electric vehicles across Europe
• Solutions proposed for an Open European Inter-Roaming Protocol, which will allow Electromobility Roaming Platforms to connect to each other.
Participants will have the opportunity to liaise with project partners and other Electromobility experts, to actively contribute to the discussions and provide valuable feedback in order for NeMo developments to meet the needs of all stakeholders, i.e. users, service providers, industry, infrastructure operators and public authorities.

The NeMo conference is free to attend but registration is required.

Registration is available via this link.

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