External Event 11/05/2021 - 12/05/2021Online

ITF Pre-Summit Research Day 2021

The International Transport Forum (ITF), together with the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI), the US Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS), are pleased to announce the holding of the ITF Pre-Summit Research Day on Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development: Re-shaping Mobility in the Wake of Covid-19. The Research Day will be held virtually on Tuesday 11 May and Wednesday 12 May 2021 (both afternoons).

The objective of the ITF Pre-Summit Research Day is to bring together top academics researchers and practitioners to present and discuss topics relevant to the Summit’s theme, providing highly valued input to the Summit’s core programme. The 2021 ITF Summit on “Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development: Re-shaping Mobility in the Wake of Covid-19” will discuss linkages between innovation in the transport sector in all of its dimensions and will cut across individual/passenger travel and freight logistics and supply chains. The 2021 Summit will also discuss the role of innovation in tackling the effects of COVID-19 that are now being felt across the transport sector.

Submission of abstracts
The Pre-Summit Research Day will focus its scope on four specific topics, with a special session dedicated to a discussion on how transport innovation can support Covid-19 recovery. In particular, in order to plan their actions and investments for the coming years, policymakers need input from researchers to provide knowledge and solutions on how to:

  1. Seize the opportunities offered by micromobility and active transport;
  2. Connect remote and rural areas with innovative sustainable transport solutions;
  3. Stimulate adoption of low-carbon vehicle technologies;
  4. Use innovation to promote sustainable urban mobility in post-Covid 19 recovery.

We, therefore, invite the submission of abstracts of up to 1000 words that address Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development on one of the above four topics.

You will find more information in the attached call for papers.
–  Abstracts submission shall be done on the TRB platform: https://trb.secure-platform.com/a/page/2021_ITF_Pre-summit_Research_Day
–  Abstracts shall be submitted by Monday 29 March 2021 23:00 (GMT).

More information: https://www.itf-oecd.org/pre-summit-research-days-2021