Partnership Event 20/04/2016Warsaw

Impacts and success stories from the European Green Cars Initiative

In the framework of the TRA 2016, EGVIA will organise a session dedicated to the presentation of Green Cars Initiative impact assessment and review of success stories funded by the programme.

The European Green Cars Initiative (EGCI) was a public-private partnership launched at the peak of the economic crisis, in 2009, thanks to the European Commission support. In the frame of FP7, more than a hundred projects have been funded, covering the area of passenger cars electrification, energy efficiency of trucks and improvement in logistics and co-modality.

With a strong support from several stakeholders all along the value chain, the EGCI covered various research fields such as energy storage systems, electric motors, system integration, hybrid architectures, vehicle-to-grid integration, etc.

This session will present the outcomes of the recent impact assessment study and will highlight the added value of the EGCI PPP together with a summary of the main technological, scientific, societal and economic impacts of the initiative. The European Commission will also be invited to express its view on the outcomes of the initiative and the lessons learnt from EGCI. In addition, several success stories covering various areas of the initiative (lightweight materials, energy consumption and recovery, reduction of rolling resistance ….) will present their results, contribution to the improvement of the state of the art and impacts in a longer term perspective.

Lucie Beaumel
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