External Event 02/12/2014 - 05/12/2014Brussels

European Electric Vehicle Congress (EEVC) – 2014

Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles are ready: Challenges, Opportunities and Outlook. A conference aimed at developing Synergies !

The last edition of the European Electric Vehicle Congress gathered 393 delegates from 43 countries.  In total, 232 presentations have been made.

EEVC therefore clearly strengthens its position as premier global European platform to foster exchange of views between the researchers, the industry, the authorities, the end-users and the NGO’s in the field of eMobility.

The 3rd edition of the European Electric Vehicle Congress will take place from 2nd to 5th December 2014.

The venue is again Brussels, so to ensure optimal connection of all actors with the representatives of the European Institutions that are considering Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles to play an important role to lower atmospheric pollution, to improve urban mobility and to reduce oil dependency.

The event is in fact composed of:

  • The European Project Day

This special day aims at providing the audience with a complete overview of the different programs supported by the European Authorities (FP7, Horizon 2020, IEE, EUROSTARS, INTEREG, …) & related funded projects dealing with eMobility.

This will be a unique opportunity to identify possible actions, overlaps, synergies and/or gaps.

  • The European Electric Vehicle Congress

After a plenary session dedicated to the strategic policy for “Europe’s vision and action plan”, academic, government and industry leaders will gather and exchange views and information to develop synergies to transform our mobility behaviors in general and foster electrical vehicles related technologies in particular.

Three parallel sessions tracks will be reserved for R&D exchanges, industry and politic aspects each. The last part of the conference will gather all the participants around exciting round tables for cross-shared and mutual interest discussions.

Browse to www.eevc.eu for more info… Or click here to submit a presentation proposal before 15th June 2014.

More information: http://www.eevc.eu