Partnership Event 01/06/2011European Commission, Avenue de Beaulieu 25, 1160 Brussels

3rd Workshop on Research for the Fully Electric Vehicle – June 2011

Overview of EU Funded Research Projects



Opening – Augusto de Albuquerque, Head of Unit INFSO G2

DG INFSO – ICT for FEV 1st Call

  • ICT4FEV – Information and Communication Technologies for the Full Electric Vehicle, Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE-IT
  • Castor – Car Multi Propulsion Integrated Power Train, Reiner John, Infineon
  • eFuture – Safe and Efficient Electrical Vehicle, Pascal Dégardins, Intedis
  • ID4EV – Intelligent Dynamics for Fully Electric Vehicles, Horst Kornemann, Continental
  • P-MOB – Integrated Enabling Technologies for Efficient Electrical Personal Mobility, Pietro Perlo, Centro Ricerche Fiat
  • ELVIRE – ELectric Vehicle Communication to Infrastructure, Road Services and Electricity Supply, Gloria Pellischek, ERPC GmbH

DG INFSO – ICT for FEV 2nd Call

  • e-DASH – Electricity Demand and Supply Harmonization for EVs, Gloria Pellischek, ERPC GmbH
  • SuperLIB – Smart Battery Control System based on a Chargeequalization Circuit for an advanced Dual-Cell Battery for Electric Vehicles, Volker Hennige, AVL List GmbH
  • ESTRELIA – Energy Storage with lowered cost and improved Safety and Reliability for electrical vehicles, Ewald Wachmann, austriamicrosystems AG
  • Smart-LIC – Smart and Compact Battery Management System Module for Integration into Lithium-Ion Cell for Fully Electric Vehicles, Pietro Perlo, Centro Ricerche Fiat
  • PowerUp – Specification, Implementation, Field Trial, and Standardisation of the Vehicle-2-Grid Interface, Dave Marples, Technolution
  • SMARTV2G – Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface Intelligent Dynamics for Fully Electric Vehicles, Sixto Santonja, Asociacion Instituto Tecnologico de la Energia
  • E-VECTOORC Electric-VEhicle Control of individual wheel Torque for On- and Off-Road Conditions, Aldo Sorniotti, University of Surrey

Joint Undertakings – ENIAC and ARTEMIS

  • E3Car – Nanoelectronics for an Energy Efficient Electrical Car, Reiner John, Infineon
  • MotorBrain – Nanoelectronics for electric vehicle intelligent failsafe powertrain, Reiner John, Infineon
  • POLLUX – Process Oriented eLectronic controL Units for Electric Vehicles Developed on a Multi-System Real-Time Embedded Platform, Marco Ottella, Centro Ricerche Fiat
  • IoE – Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility, Ovidiu Vermesan, Sintef



  • CAPIRE, Gonzalo Hennequet, Renaul
  • EM SAFETY, Andreas Vogl, Sintef
  • HI WI, Bill O’Neill, University of Cambridge
  • ELVA, Micha Lesemann, IKA RWTH Aachen
  • AMELIE, Thierry Baert, Solvay
  • LABOHR, Volker Hennige, AVL List GmbH