News Posted on 17/02/2002

EV Experts Calling for EU Battery Research and Manufacturing Capacities

This is the result of a workshop which was held jointly by the European Commission and the Public-Private Partnership European Green Cars Initiative on 7 December 2011. As stated in the conclusions of this workshop, Europe should create a central research facility, or a highly integrated network of them, to provide its most excellent battery researchers from academia, industry and SMEs with effective and efficient access to advanced equipment and expertise for fabrication, characterization, prototyping and testing. Furthermore, significant financing should be made available to vehicle manufacturers and suppliers for the establishment of large-scale cell and pack manufacturing facilities as public loans from the community budget. Moreover, standards and regulations should be promoted at the level of the pack design, in order to provide Europe with new opportunities ranging from new electric vehicle value chains to facilitation of battery recycling and 2nd use.

The workshop had been organized by the CAPIRE and ICT4FEV projects on behalf of the EC and two of the European Technology Platforms involved in the PPP European Green Cars Initiative, ERTRAC and EPoSS. All presentations and a report are available for download here.