News Posted on 18/09/2023

Call to host TRA 2028

TRA has a rich history of hosting successful editions across various European cities, including Goteborg, Sweden (2006); Ljubljana, Slovenia (2008); Brussels, Belgium (2010); Athens, Greece (2012); Paris, France (2014); Warsaw, Poland (2016); Vienna, Austria (2018); and a virtual gathering in Helsinki, Finland (2020). Each edition has played a pivotal role in advancing the dialogue on transportation and mobility, facilitating collaboration, and showcasing cutting-edge innovations in road transport.

Looking ahead, TRA is set to continue its tradition of excellence. The next two planned editions are already generating excitement in the transportation community. In 2024, Dublin, Ireland, will take centre stage as the host city for TRA, promising a dynamic and engaging experience for all attendees. Then, in 2026, Budapest, Hungary, will follow suit, further solidifying TRA’s reputation as a global hub for transportation innovation.

The governance of TRA has just opened the call to host the 2028 edition.
Are you interested? Do you want to become the next host city ?

You can find the details of the call here. The deadline is set on 1 February 2024.