News Posted on 17/11/2023

Busy week for 2Zero!

The week of November 6th 2023 was very busy for 2Zero and its members. Here’s a recap of the key highlights that unfolded during this exciting week:

1. Welcoming RTE among our members:
At the General Assembly, we proudly welcomed RTE (Gestionnaire du reseau de transport de l’√©lectricit√©, France) as our newest Smart Grid Industry Member. Their expertise and unique perspective in smart grid management will enrich our association’s work and objectives.

RTE Logo

2. EGVI Impact Assessment 2014 – 2020 unveiled:
One of the General Assembly’s major highlights was the unveiling and the distribution of the EGVI Impact Assessment 2014 – 2020 to EGVIAfor2Zero Members. This study, commissioned by EGVIAfor2Zero to Strategy Engineers, concluded that EGVI has successfully achieved its objectives, leaving a lasting impact on the EU transport technology research and innovation landscape. The initiative played a pivotal role in advancing road transport decarbonisation by integrating cutting-edge technologies. EGVI-funded projects demonstrated tangible advancements in cell and battery pack energy density, as well as holistic energy efficiency for passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles. Our members had the chance to enjoy the first paper copies of the report.

You can access the EGVI Impact Assessment 2014 – 2020 here.

3. Looking Ahead to the 2024 2Zero activities:
2024 will be another busy year for the 2Zero partnerships, and we will start with several key events in the first quarter of the year:

All members and partners are gearing up for these events, recognising that they represent a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The first half of 2024 will also be the time to reflect on what the 2Zero partnership has already done in its first four years of existence and specify what should come next. Thoughtful discussions took place regarding the Horizon Europe 2025 Work Programme during the Delegation to the Partnership Board meeting and the General Assembly meeting, specifying the areas identified in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) update.

5. Internal Brokerage Event Rich in Expertise:
At the internal brokerage event, our members had the chance to present their interests and expertise on the forthcoming 2024 calls topics:

The collaborative spirit, the wealth of ideas, and our members’ commitment reaffirm the partnership’s strength and willingness to achieve its goals.
Stay tuned for more updates as the partnership continues its exciting journey toward a future filled with innovation and progress towards a European climate-neutral road transport system.


Busy week for 2Zero - photo gallerie