News Posted on 29/05/2020

2Zero – A Draft Proposal for a new European Partnership

Since Autumn 2019, the European Commission, Members States and stakeholders have been working on elaborating proposals for candidate European Partnerships identified during the strategic planning of Horizon Europe. In this context, EGVI has been heavily involved in the preparation of a new partnership – 2Zero, Towards Zero emission road transport – to contribute to meet the objective of the Green Deal of Europe being the first climate-neutral continent in 2050.

You can find here the official draft proposal of the 2Zero partnership.

The proposal offers detailed explanations of what 2Zero is all about – with its vision and objectives, its expected activities and impacts, its governance and target groups composition… The 2Zero partnership will build the ecosystem needed to properly connect the road transport community to the energy system and innovative mobility solutions providers (both for people and goods), in order to develop a truly integrated zero emission mobility landscape. It will allow the development of the needed synergies to support disruptive and incremental innovation and facilitate the full exploitation of all innovative solutions across the entire value chain. This public / private collaboration is extremely advantageous for the creation of sustainable solutions that work throughout Europe and beyond.

2Zero will greatly contribute to the implementation of the EU Green Deal.


EU Green Deal Scheme proposal


By bringing every stakeholder at the table, the 2Zero partnership will help to develop a coherent and strategic R&I programme for research and innovation related zero tailpipe emission road mobility. The 2Zero partnership will also act as a catalyst, to support and leverage commitments from the private side, facilitating clustering and technology transfer, disseminating knowledge and promoting the new skills required for the development and uptake of the new technologies.

All stakeholders interested to contribute to the drafting of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the 2Zero partnership can contact EGVIA office (

You can find here the full list of candidates European Partnerships in Horizon Europe.