Project Event 19/09/2019Barcelona

NeMo Final Conference and Exhibition – From project to market: seamless electromobility services in Europe

Concluding three years of research and development, the consortium will showcase how NeMo makes Electromobility in the road sector more attractive for businesses and users, during a one-day conference and exhibition.

The NeMo Final Event and Exhibition aims to bring together industry and e-roaming platforms representatives, academics and researchers, road, charging point and grid operators, solution providers and other Electromobility stakeholders, to share its results leading to the node-based Hyper-Network for Electromobility, the functionalities that it offers and its contribution towards seamless, interoperable and widely available services for all Electromobility actors.

Through a number of technical presentations, panel discussions, interactive demonstrations and hands-on sessions, prominent speakers from academia and industry as well as renowned experts in the field will present the key elements of the NeMo Hyper-Network. These elements include the NeMo Common Information Models, easy creation, execution and delivery of services on the Hyper-Network, as well as the smart horizontal services that NeMo has made available.
In parallel, the Open European Inter-Roaming Protocol, which links different Electromobility roaming platforms and enables cross-provider Electromobility roaming seamlessly, will be on display; and the specific architecture developed for the Extended Vehicle and Neutral Server deployed via the project’s OEMs, which assists the driver to experience improved services and access real vehicle data, will be presented to the attendees.

Join the NeMo Final Conference and Exhibition to be among the first to learn about the project impacts on the Electromobility ecosystem and the partners’ plans to continue the operation and development of NeMo’ s services through the establishment of an open association. Participants’ interaction will be encouraged, during a panel discussion focusing on future needs for seamless Electromobility, while networking opportunities will be offered in the framework of the parallel exhibition.

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