External Event 20/11/2013Stuttgart, Germany

Electric Powertrain Technologies Symposium

SAE 2013


As challenges in the development and application of electric powertrain technology have changed and broadened, the SAE Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium 2013 incorporates more of the components that comprise the powertrain and driveline. In addition to the electric traction motor – converters, inverters, power electronics, engine controls, etc. are the technology topics emphasized in this evolving event.

Experts in the industry from brand names such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, BMW, Siemens Corporation, and many others, will cover topics related to:


  • Building better platform concepts for hybrid powertrain technology and hardware
  • How hybrid powertrains could decrease battery requirements while we wait for the price of batteries to go down
  • Planning for the use of adaptive controls in hope for a better future in decentralized function control
  • 48-volt technology and micro-hybrids and why they will be the best solutions for hybrid electric architectures
More information: http://www.sae.org/events/ept/