External Event 26/06/2023 - 27/06/2023Brussels

Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities conference 2023

The European Commission, national governments, the Mission Platform NetZeroCities, and others are invited to connect and engage on mission-critical concepts and ideas at the second annual event for the EU Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.

The conference provides a valuable opportunity to meet one another in person, to engage with high level representatives at EU, national and local level and to continue to build on cities’ journeys to climate neutrality.

The first day of the two-day event will be a day for exchange and dialogue between city practitioners, the second day will have a political track for mayors and deputy mayors and a practitioner track. In addition to cities, representatives of national and regional authorities and key stakeholders at EU, national and regional level are invited to contribute their perspectives.

The Conference will take place from  – 

You can download here the full programme of the 2-day event and register to participate.



More information: https://research-and-innovation.ec.europa.eu/events/upcoming-events/mission-progress-climate-neutral-and-smart-cities-conference-2023-2023-06-26_en&pk_campaign=whatsnew_newsletter