External Event 02/10/2018Nice

Beyond Lithium-Ion Workshop – From Currrent Research to Industrial Application

This event will be dedicated to the exchange of knowledge from current running European collaborative projects and industrial development dedicated to post lithium for stationary or electrical mobility. It is organised in the framework of ALISE and ALION Horizon 2020 founded projects developing post-lithium batteries. The event will be moderated by Deborah Creamer, Senior Consultant and Director at Optimat.

The program is composed of the the following 3 sessions:

  • Session nº1: EU-Funded Research on Post Lithium-Ion: Ca, Mg, Li-S, Metal Air, Solid State
  • Session nº2: Technologies manufacturing opportunities and barriers: Cell manufacturers
  • Session nº3: Technologies integration opportunities and barriers: EV, stationary and aeronautic integrators

Registration is available at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/beyond-lithium-ion-workshop-tickets-43707898501 

More information: https://projects.leitat.org/beyond-lithium-ion-workshop/