External Event 09/12/2015 - 10/12/2015Malaga

3CCAR Conference – Vision 2016

The 3CCAR organises a conference & workshop on controlled complexitiy on 9th and 10th December. 

Purpose statement:

The vision 2016 is a high level event to bring cross domain requirements and expertise together. For sure, this discussion is a kind of experiment to understand and apply our vision down to the mission and objectives.

The intention of the event is to discuss our ideas towards electrification, electrical storage and the overall setup. Where do we have to move when we integrate functionalities and furthermore applications?

This creates more complexity which must be addressed by more holistic solutions, architectures and higher performance, realized by technologies.

Expected outcome:

We need cross domain knowledge and inspiration from different areas and domains.

So we would like to stipulate a discussion which enables understanding of the hurdles from the top of the application down to the components such as semiconductors and batteries and even the technologies.

Implementation and agenda scheme:

Speakers from inside and outside of the projects 3Ccar, OSEM-EV, SilverStream are asked to stipulate the discussions and create a creative environment on how to apply and understand the objectives down to the technologies.

More information: http://www.3ccar.eu/